"Ewww Boys Have Cooties"

10:18 PM


Gaaah, today seemed to drag on FOREVER. it's been on of those days where you look forward to the end of the night. But i know as soon a i hit my head on my pillow, i will become wide awake. I'm pretty sure the frapp from starbucks had not helped at all.

BTW did anyone notice that they were half off?

I Know ! i didn't either, but apparently as my friend pointed out they're half off from 3-5. SWEEEET. guess who will be there until May 16th :) i may have a small addiction.

But today was absolutely pointless. First of all i didn't even go to my morning blocks, cause my mom wanted me to wait with her for the truck was it was getting fixed. Plus i had a spare in the morning. But mechanics can be such b.s.ers cause at first it was just one thing that needed to be fixed, then he found another thing, THEN he wanted to replace ALL 4 tires. really? ALL 4 just happened to have a problem.... unlikely. SO i bused to school for lunch and my afternoon block, double chem. WHOOOP. soooo exciting, BUT I UNDERSTAND WHICH IS SOOO GOOD HAHA.

But for most of the day my mind was elsewhere. Either thinking about summer or wishing i could go back in time.

Summer, god i can't wait. twoo months to myself : ) how joyous. what freedom, even if i will be working. But my mind is like rushing with so many things i was to do, like go back to sketching fashion, try out photography (which im doing a bit : ) ), write, play guitar, write songs, and create 8743876547686532756435 dances. Then of course being with friends, getting tans, and sleeping in are all amazing bonus'. I wish i lived by a beach tho. Something about lying in the sand, swimming in the ocean, and meeting new people makes summer complete. and maybe this year they'll be a summer boy? hmmm, maybe i'll def tell you if there is. There was a couple of times i was close to having one, but it never happened. Like my first one was when i went to crane lake for the long weekend in Sept. but he left the next day. then in Ontario, but i saw him once. and in Vancouver he was just someone to hangout with. Summer boys. blaaaaaah.

Then going back in time. Back when life was easy, like when we were 8 and our biggest problems was why our barbies only had one shoes. I honestly lost every shoe my barbies had so they were always bare foot. and boy, pssssh they had cooties. having a boyfriend when you were 8 was such a huge deal, you were either idolized or considered a traitor. i mean back then boys were silly, gross at times, and to us girl, just weird. Like the whole "boys chase girls" was like the most affection we sometimes had. I mean one of my best friends back then was a guy, but in my 8 year old mind it never registered that i'd ever like him. not that i did ever like him, but i never thought i'd like boys in my class, i always wanted a boy like aaron carter or someone like that back in the day. boys in my class was like "ewwww noooo." Who would of thought that when we get older they make us do crazy things for their attention, cause we are... well...crazy for them !

what else did i think when i was 8?
1. i'd always play with barbies, the thought of not having them was heart breaking.
2. caking on makeup was pretty.
3. i'd never wear bras.
4. that i was a princess in my imagined kingdom
5. that i'd meet the bsb or aaron carter
6. that aaron carter was the hottest guy of life
7. that writing was boring
8. that bunnies are cute [they are evil, a story for another day]
9. That la sensa was like the place to shop
10. that wearing matching tops and bottoms was cool

and all of these i learned as i grew up, were not cool or good or true.

then i went through this like tomboy phase where i refused to wear skirts or dresses, i thought i looked so good in baggy shorts and stuff. NOOO not anymore haha.

wow, back in the day life was good.

but when can we do, but only move forward. But i am off so farewell bloggers/readers : )


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