The Boy Project: Entry Three.

10:41 PM

Sometimes boys just suck sometimes.

End of story. They need to know not everything lasts forever, guilt tripping us is not cool, and lying is a big no no.

Oh and if you think you're stealthy at cheating or playing secret little games behind your backs, you really aren't cause girls always find out one way or another.

So here a little hint.

1. You don't like your girl, dump her. Better then dragging her through hell cause you cheated on her.
2. Mind Games get you no where.
3. Guilt tripping us cause you want something only pisses us off.
4. Pushing our buttons causes major consequences.
5. And when you apologize, at least attempt to make it sound genuine.
6. Do not EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES lie. tell the truth, and if we can't handle it, then obviously we are not worth it.
7. When we say no, we mean no. There is no negotiating.
8. We do need some alone time, its not like we dont want you, but sometimes we need to figure things out on our own.
9. Our lives do not always have to revolve around you.
10. You got something to say, say it. Don't beat around the bush.
11. Wearing your pants so low that you can't walk or attempting to be cool, when really you look like a major fool (i know i rhymed) drives us nuts. Some boys need some fashion sense, and we can help.
12. Not all girls like gifts when we celebrate our anniversaries. Honestly just coming up with a clever way to spend it is way better then a gift, cause it comes from the heart.

Follow these simple rules and you will be more on our good side then bad. But hey every girl is different. No guarantee this will win our hearts. : )

until next time,


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