The Boy Project: Entry Sixx.

10:06 PM

Hello Fabulous Readers,

before we get into the question just wanted to let you know i updated my writing section located in the page titled "the things that go about my head"

Question time again : D

Question: Me & my Bf have been dating for a year and a half now. I'm 16 and he's 20, and yes i am aware of this age difference, but we are in love so peoples comments dont bother me too much.  But the sex question has popped up a lot between us. Should we do it? Cause so many people are against it, but my bf said it should be up to me not them, so don't let them influence me. What do you guys think?


Little Jay[]: depends if your protected and if your 1111100000000% sure hes not just into it for sex. but it is your choice and you have to make the decision, but be sure he's not pressuring you into it. and yeah its illegal but what isn't these days, and if he really loves you; he'll wait till you're ready.

Anetka[]: it's important to consider all aspects of it. It may be her choice but its also a question of consequences and morality. consenting to something doesn't make you that much less guilty and its important to think about it long and hard to decide if the aftermath is exactly what you want.

Guy: First off age is huge, not like huge in difference but huge in the sense of legally. is it really worth putting your bf in trouble, cause if your 'rents find out its not you who gets punished severely, it's him. he can go to jail or have charges pressed on him. but also sex doesn't always bring you apart, it can drive you away cause usually once a guy has sex once its all he wants, and soon your relationship could falter. Be careful with whatever decision you make, and if he loves you he'll get it, and if he doesn't ditch 'em.

Guy: if you question that much if it's right or wrong, maybe you should wait, cause obviously you're not too sure if you want to and for something that big you need to be sure.

Okaay, more questions shall be answered later and i will blog later about mon fabulous may long : )

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