The Boy Project: Entry Four

10:03 PM

So i was gunna write a really long entry but then i realized that it was getting late and i still need to shower and review so i'm gunna leave you guys with this information.

SO of course i can't think of all the topics in the world, and im sure you guys have questions.

So either leave a comment on this blog post or on my chat box thing on the side, or send me an email @ with your questions and i will answer them as best as possible, as soon as possible. But of course it won't be just my opinion i will get some girls and guys to put in their opinion. : ) you can even leave your opinion.

so once again you can email your questions @

can't wait to hear from you all :) and keep checking my blog as much as poss ; )


p.s. last dance comp tmrw for lyrical number, so sad : ( and it's to slow me down, by emmy rossum!

love you all.

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