The Nine

11:37 PM

" They lured in the night, eyes red from the beaming moonlight. They were on a mission with only one thing in mind, to hunt and kill. And of course the pure soul crystal. To them this crystal could save them, they could become all powerful. The six of them crouched and hissed waiting impatiently for their leaders to come.

“Lilith, when do they come? I am growing intolerant of always having to wait.” A male’s voice bellowed.

Lilith snapped her head to the side, facing the figure. She was one of the eldest of the girls.She was always the most bossy when their leader wasn't around, only because she was supposed to take over the group after Cyprus retired, but somebody else showed up and well... she lost her title. Her long, wavy, dark hair shone dimly in the night and her stone grey eyes studied the figure the voice belonged to, Thanatos her soul mate. Lilith, as her name means, controlled the night. When the moon was high in the night and darkness ran all about town, she became so powerful, not even she could still comprehend. Thanatos, her supposed to be lover, stood for death. He was handsome with his pale blue eyes and golden messy hair, but also one of the most conniving and demanding men you could ever meet. He was always got his way. With his sly abilities and charming looks, it almost made it too easy for him to kill. He usually had to do the dirty work amongst the group.

“Thanatos is right. Must we always wait for them?” the voice belonged to a small girl, Valencia. Her name meant “power” and at first glance you’d never guess what kind of destruction she could do. She was a tiny frail looking girl who looked too innocent and pretty to ever cause the destruction she did. Her cropped brown locks framed her face delicately and her large blue eyes always captivated others. But beneath her small childlike looks, she held such power. She could kill anyone within 30 seconds. No one in the group ever challenged her. She was their secret weapon. A strong hand laid across Valencia’s back. She turned and smiled up at her own soul mate, Ryder. He was the warrior amongst the group. Ryder was tall, tanned, muscular, and intimidating if you were on his bad side. A sandy curl fell in front of his eye. Valencia gently pulled it away, stroking his face.

“You have always had a temper on you.” He smirked, poking Valencia’s side.

“Oh get a room you two.” Thanatos mocked, watching Valencia and Ryder stare lovingly into each other. He wished he and Lilith were that way, but lately there's been some tension between them. He knew why. She had caught him with their Leader. He tried to tell her it was nothing, it meant nothing, but she wouldn’t take it.

“Oh hush Thanatos; you’re just jealous of them.” Luna called out, laughing. Her snowy white hair stood out the most amongst everyone. Her eyes we’re a bright golden color, like a shinning star just as it were about to explode, and her face was so pale you would often wonder if it were glowing. She was the moon goddess, as some would say, controlling the skies and night. Her arm wrapped around Cepheus, a tall man who's skin was blacker then the night sky. His face was very angular and strong, and he held an immense amount of confidence. No one actually knew if Cepheus was Luna’s soul mate. They'd always seem to be on and off. And they bickered a lot too considering they both received their powers from the skies.

"Hope you weren't waiting too long." a female voice snickered. She walked smoothly across the damp Earth, bowing at each person She past. Everyone hushed in Her presence.

"Oh of course not, when do we ever have to wait for you." Lilith spat. Lilith had lost all respect for this woman the moment She intruded into the group. Their Leader had always been egotistic and highly irritating, but apparently she was the only one who felt that way. Their Leader had always acted as everything was Her given right, which included making a move on Thanatos. It's not my fault, i can't control how he thinks of me. Those words still played in her head from the night she'd walked into Thanatos and Her.

"Be forgiving young Lilith." She cooed, mockingly.

"We are still missing the other two." Luna interjected before any disputes erupted.

"I have been aware. They already notified me that they could not attend tonight in order to keep their cover, so we must continue today without them." All six of them nodded at Her. And with her command they all leapt into the cool night, taking advantage of their full power on the humans. After all this was just trial runs, after humans they had a bigger target to tackle.

My grandmother had once told me about this one song that Moms would sing to their children before they went to bed. Of course this is when they thought soulless creatures roamed the forest, which is now seen as absurd. But anyways, no one actually understood the words nor did anyone pay attention to their meaning. To them it was just a catchy song, but to people like me it's a story. More like a nightmare. And until this day I never considered it true. But not everything is as it seems I suppose.

"Nine they roam,
Waiting for you to dream,
Creeping through the night,
To hear you scream;
Nine they lie,
All by your bed,
Taking your soul,
Waiting to be fed;
Nine they watch,
Watching you lie,
Their best kept secret,
They never die."

-The Disturbed, the second novel i'm writing following "The Dreamer"

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