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These are some obeservation about boys:

1. They like skin: especially the skin their not really supposed to see.
2. They like showing off, and usually showing off involve humiliating the other person. Niceee.
3. They gossip. They can be worse then two old ladies talking about the latest scandal of how the lady down the street was at some fancy restaurant and her dentures feel into her lemon water.
4. They can be really cliquey, like secret handshakes, eye rolling, "inside jokes", don't-talk-to-us-unless-we-say-so kind. Sometimes annoying.
5. They don't seem to listen to what they say. Like honestly they say the dumbest things and don't even understand how its dumb.
6. They have no sense of personal space. They think their stuff can just rule over the whole domain, and do not understand the word privacy.
7. They can be icky. Like lack of hygiene, rooms that looked like tornado passed through and hello boys shower are a really great invention. some seriously need one. And 6984867766 tons of hair gel in the hair is not attractive AT ALL.
8. When there is food insight, things are forgotten. Like seriously its like watching animal planet the way they eat. I'm telling you its all about the stomach.
9. They're easily distracted. I mean they can go off topic in a matter of seconds, and their attention span isn't exactly the longest.
10. Boys have one tracked minds. Self explanatory there.
11. Boys are moody, like PMS moody.
12. Boy ARE capable of being hurt. They aren't totally toughies like they want us to believe.
13. They can be really big horndogs, like sometimes they just need to control those urges. CONTROL.
14. Boys really do tell you how they feel, just has to be the right place and time or person.
15. Boys have immature ways of making their points. Being a dickhead isn't always the brightest way to go fellas. But easiest way to loose your girl.
16. Boys can be really big drama queens. and they can really hold onto a grudge, Seriously move on.
17. Boys are hard to read or understand. No explanation needed.
18. Boys can make really good friends. They don't always dramatize and they give really good advice, and usually always have your back.
19. Boys don't know when to draw the line. They like to push our buttons and see how much they can get away with before we explode. Or they don't think crossing some line is a big deal when it is.
20. They are unpredictable. This may not be news to anyone, but honestly its prob one of the best things about them.

But despite all this, I don't think we could live without them

Until next time.


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