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5:21 PM

SO for my first blog entery i'll do the whole


well i dumped my bag and this was what was in it, aside from a few candy wrappers, spare change, and my wallet. they say whats in your bag says stuff about you but i really dont see it haha, some people have like nothing in there.

well lets start listing.

1.Pen and coil scribbler. I always get inspired randomly, and half the time if i don't right it down then i'll forget it. so i just have random stuff in the book.
2. sunglasses. my zebra singlasses i bought when i went shopping on white ave with joana and jenna. despite it kinda still being winter, its been super sunny. lovin' it.
3.lip gloss and lip chap. i always have at least two lip glosses and one smackers. usually its watermelon or vanilla. i'm very picky when it comes to flavors : )
4. eye liner. i don't know why but i always have it in my bag. i dont usually use it all the time, but its always there just in case.
5.gum. always always have gum now a days. most of the time its just an empty pack, but new gum prefered is trident layers : D
5. camera. yes this is my actual camera. i love taking pictures, but half the time its dead so it doesn't really come in use. and i'm never on top of uploading photos on fb if anyone knows me well
6. cell phone. always have it with me. however it does not look that pretty anymore. i've dropped the poor thing so many times im shocked it still functions. and the blue "samsung" label on the back has almost completely faded away.
7.i-pod. yes it's true i still have the old school 2G nano. its still working, but hopefully i'll get a new one soon. but i always have it with me now a days cause i need my music.
8.coconut & lime moisterizer. its almost done : ( but i have this irratation of my hands being dry, it drives me bonkers.
9.sanitizer. i prefer the scented ones, not as nasty smelling, but my mother is completely anal about santitation so gotta have it with me.

OTHER: candy wrappers, wallet, gift cards (starbucks one in there too : D) library card, movie tickets,sometimes body spray, nail polish for some reason, bandaids, puffer, change wallet, school i.d card, and all my dance c.d.'s incase i need them.

so yeah that's what's basically in my bag, nothing too fancy :) love to see what in your guy's bag maybe it'll tell me something about you ! haha.


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