No I have not forgotten about my blog.

4:28 PM

Okaaay, so its been way too long.

i know. i was informed.

But of course i havent forgotten about my blog, in fact i changed my layout ftw, but then after that i got too lazy to blog.

But i assure you i have very good reasons for not blogging;

  1. Dance has always consumed most of my life, but this year is waaay busier cause i have a solo and am in musical theater. plus im doing a show for haiti this coming tuesday. so lots of rehearsals then.
  2. SCHOOL PLAY. rehearsals almost everyday, like geez
  3. work. okay so i havent been working that much, but i have been working.
  4. school. french and chem. need to do good in those.
  5. religion. left it too the last minute got lots to catch up on.
  6. writing story. : )
  7. my computer hates me enough. its actually so slow. i can actually say that line "it makes a snail look like a cheetah" cause it does.
  8. too lazy : )

i mean dont get me wrong i LOVE blogging, but i have no patience to wait for my comp to load. but lets see what i can fill you in on !

well for starters my solo is actually going somewhere. i mean no i dont have a costume yet, which yes does scare me a tad bit, but im almost done. BONUS. but my teacher expects my mom to pay 200 for two practices. and i told her that i prob wouldnt pay that and she was like "its studio policy so talk to ms. Jolie and ms.Helen" and i did. they told me not to pay. or to worry about it. yeaah okay there Sarah, your not that good to get 200 for an hour and a half of practice.

but me and Kris are talking again. we both felt bad about that one night and all is good. and possibly even good for J.C !

but honestly like the past two weeks were a horrible time for romance. pffft Feb. is the love month. bull. i have never witnessed so much drama with love. like seriously boys, WHEN A GIRL IS UPSET, THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON THAT YES, IS VERY REASONABLE. we do not make up random shit to be mad at you about. so if your gf is upset, do not ask what you did wrong, TRY TO FIND OUT. because obviously you did something. and if you can't figure it out, you are mentally challenged. oh and when a girl says something sarcastic to you, please do not take it so personal and act like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. we do not babysit. i mean seriously if i wanted to babysit someone i'd get paid for it. geez boy can be so clueless and confusing. see my theory is this. girls are not complicated, it's boys that make us complicated. oh and some boys either need to grow up or grow some balls. girls arent that mean, that you have to be afraid to say something. we do not go around always pmsing, because that always seems to pop into a guys head when we get upset. "oh she's just pmsing" noooooo, you did something wrong, derr.

so for me, no boys right now. i have too much on my plate anyways. show Tuesday, play coming up, hip hop comp next sat., work, and more comps !

(but yes, i am still texting adam. no nothing is happening and i am way more then okay with that)

OH and what do you say when a guy you havent talked to for 7 years says he likes you. you say

" we talked for like two months on texts, for all you know i could be some ugly hag who lives with 20 cats, and when she grows up wants to live in a sewer, and become the next horror story with people saying "don't go in the sewers because rumor has it that some old hag with 20 cats and goes by the name "Olga" lives there and she will eat you." so maybe we should stay friends : D"

yes that is what i told him. he laughed and understood what i meant. but he is uber corny. im talking like saying "what's cookin good lookin." NO NO NO NO THAT IS SOMETHING YOU SAY TO MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO FORK THEIR EYES OUT. like worse pick up line of life. its not even classified as a pick up line.

so for all of you out there who have had that line said to you, please run the other way.

but i got dance soon. HOPEFULLY -knocks on wood- i'll be able to update tmrw. i can't on sunday i can already tell you that. 10 hours of dance that day. wooot. lol, but i will say farewell bloggers.

have a good weekend :)

OH P.S. GUESS WHO IS SEEING ALICE IN WONDERLAND TODAY. thats right be soo jealous. and if you're not excited to see it go to a corner and cry cause you are offcially crowned the biggest loser. gunna be with Joana & Annette.

oh and annette very excited to see your new glasses : ) haha

Love all of you


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