Hello Sunday : )

7:30 PM

Hello hello ! It's been too long, has it not?

I do apologize, but lately i just haven't had the time to actually want to sit down and blog. But it is Spring break now so hopefully i'll be updating you more.

Well to begin, my solo is complete, i do have a costume. I'm just not ready to compete it in 2 weeks. it still needs a good cleaning which i shall have to do on my own time. Oh and the musical, its finally next week which actually makes me happy cause it's one less thing to worry about, but i am excited for our actual show i think it'll be good. I don't know, i mean yeah the play its self seems a little corny, but i lke it. there's something about getting up on stage, the bright lights gleaming down, while you stare out into darkness, all eyes focused on you, that just makes me happy.Same goes for dancing; which brings me to an entirely new topic.

today was staging rehearsal for my dance school. what a gong show haha. we had to be at the U of A at 9 in the morning for musical theater. this number is huge, almost 50 students on stage. all wearing tap shoes. dear lord that can be insane. so for this one part in our dance its just the boys, and we're doing an irish theme, and the boys have to come out and start acting like they're "drunk". well this one little boy was singing and rocking his chair back and forth, and then bam, he was on the floor. he didn't get up for a bit, just chilled down there. then came lyrical. that went by okay. except i rolled my ankle (its not that bad so its all good) & my friend sam got kicked in the face. her face was priceless. Oh and this little girl fell off the stage. she was more concerned that ms.kellie would kill her if she didn't get up there and keep dancing.

"I'm sorry, i'm sorry. i tried to get on the stage but it was too high so i thought maybe i could keep dancing here, but ms.helen stopped the music -bursts into tear-"

Kellie was so scared, LOL poor girl. Tap was actually good this year, for once. which is a big deal to us cause we always got yelled at for that one. it was jazz that was a gong show.

so this girl decides to come back to our dance, which is fine. if you know what you're doing. we all got confused cause we changed our spots and moves without her, and now that she was back we had to figure things out. oooooh lord. everyone kept crashing into to her cause she didn't know where to go or what to do. at one point she went right infront of Avery, and Avery had to move back so she didn't get kicked in the face, but my leg was already in the air, so i couldn't move right away from avoiding getting kicked myself. so i leaned back, forcing all my body weight on my back legs, and then i heard a popping sound. my hip came out of my socket. grossest feeling of life. then Shelby hit her head on the stage at one point. poor girl. it must of hurt like crazy to produce a noise like that. SO yeah kind of dramatic in a sense.

I was gunna talk about something else, but for now i'll leave it at that and update after i go eat.

Talk later : )


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