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10:46 PM

Ahhhh. these last days actually made me consider forking my eyes out. Well not literally. that'd be so painful. See this all started last thursday.

It's like 11 at night and i'm watching a scary movie, enjoying this movie quite well texting my friend Jordan, whom yes i did like, and he liked me too. But he's liked me for almost half a year and still hasn't done anything. SO my best friend annette texts him, not sure what she's saying, but later he sends me a text something along the lines of;

"So a friend told me that its not how you ask a person out but that you ask them out. I wanted to do something special to make you remember it, but i'll ask anyways. do you want to go out?"

and this is where the little background audience goes "Awwe"

and of course i said yes feeling happy and nervous. i felt the butterflies dance in my stomach. finally.

THEN at 9 o'clock in the morning i get a text from him. apparently he slept on it and he decided it wouldn't work out. first he said we had no time with my dancing and his hockey. BULLSHIT. i have monday off, we can hangout on tuesday till 6:30, friday, saturday, and sunday. plus we go to school together. Then it was "i'm not ready for a relationship." then don't ask me out bud. But finally it was "i don't want to ruin our friendship." well yeah you kinda damaged it already. so of course i cried feeling stupid and upset. but slowly with the support of my wonderful friends i was feeling better.

Saturday i spent the night with my other two best friends, joana and jenna. we hung out, making me happy, watching jersey shore (it's addicting), and goofing off. then we went to workout at the gym. slowly Jordan drifted from my mind. i decided just to let it go and not think about it. well at least not for now.

So after work out i went over to Jennas house for a sleep over. Well this guy Adam calls her, asking if she wanted to go over. She told him i was with her and he was like "well bring her over, cause jake is here too." SO first off these guys graduated last year. Meaning they're 18. and jenna likes jake. so obviously i already knew they'd be flirting like no tomorrow.

We get there, i'm not really sure what to expect, cause yes i've seen adam. he's really cute, but never ever have i talked to him. so we get there and of course typical boys, they were playing video games. Lucky for me they decided to play super smash bros which i own so i know how to play. thank god for brothers, cause i know so many games because of him : ) after playing that, goofing off and playing super mario brothers we had to leave. we get to jennas house, completely dead cause everyone was asleep (it was 12:45 am) , and jake texts her that he wants to come over.

jenna kept telling him no cause he'd make too much noise sneaking in. but boys for whatever reason take no as a yes, so the next thing we know jake is at her window knocking for us to let him in. jenna was pissed, but i knew she was happy to see him. yay me third wheel to this little convention ! Jake left adam playing games. so for the first half an hour we watched tv and talked. then we hear another knock on the window. adam. so we let him in. so now on this queen sized bed is two guys and us. i was watching robot chicken when i felt my phone vibrate, i look to see who it was, seeing it was jenna. Kay weird. she's right beside me. i open the text, gasping at what it says.

"Would you make out with him if you had the chance?"

ummm him is right beside me. so i responded.

"I won't deny it, he's really cute."

so the night went on, jake cuddling with jenna and me and adam beside each other. sometimes his hand would touch mine and he'd get all frantic worried i didn't want it. but i think jenna told him something when i went to the bathroom, cause when i came back we were talking and his hand was on my leg. then as time passed jake gets up and yells

"Adam thinks you're hot"

adam face went red, and i smiled saying "really now?"

3 am rolled by and they were still here. now adam was lying on my stomach, my hand on his. okay yes butterflies flew like crazy. i would of never thought this would ever happen. i smiled to myself, watching as he smiled, lazily watching tv. it was so surreal for me. adam? always thought he was out of my lead. he kept making these silly jokes and always having his hand around me. then me and adam ended up having a tickle fight. we were so close i could feel his breath on my neck. he laughed telling me i smelt good, and i laughed harder because i didn't know what to say back and he was still tickling me. no i never did kiss him. i couldn't. first off the whole jordan thing, and i'd never see him again. they left around 4:15 ish. it was an amazing and fun night for me. then he texted jenna

"She's hot i won't lie, but im 18 isn't it weird? but it was fun while it lasted : )"

and then jenna said she's never seen adam like that, being all flirty and happy, around another girl. errr wow.

but nothing did ever happen after that. well we're officially friends on fb haha that's about it. and it's not just me who had a cruddy or weird weekend. seems like everyone did. oh and jake and jenna? he's apparently moving to Ottawa so he didn't want anything to happen. then don't play moves on her derr. leading her on was a dumb move.

but im off, toddles bloggers

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