Happy Anti Valentines Day : )

2:41 PM

Yes i am aware valentines day was yesterday. I actually don't like it at all. Honestly a waste of a day. If you have a "lover" you should celebrate everyday, not go all decked out on one day to make up for everything else. whatever. not getting into that.

But honestly who ever said girls are complicated must be really dumb.... cause boys are far more. See yesterday my best friend came over cause she's been having a tough couple of days. She liked this guy and they went out once but it didn't really work out cause she wasn't ready for a bf cause she still missed her ex. so two months later she realized she never stopped liking this guy so she asked if he wanted to give it another chance. she asked him this friday. he gave his answer on sunday. LIKE REALLY IT TAKES THAT LONG TO SAY YES OR NO? but noooo he doesn't even say yes or no he beats around the bush telling her that he doesn't because she deserves someone better and he has his own problems. honestly every time you asked him a question, he'd answer it totally off topic. i asked him what made him say no to her and somehow i ended up finding out that he's insecure, does anything for his friends, has family issues going on, etc. so he tells me all this but doesn't answer the question. he toyed with her heart, she cried.. a lot, and he is being a dumb ass.

how hard is it to say

"No i don't think i can give it a try because you hurt me and i think we need to be better friends."

not hard but instead i got

"Well my poison is pain, and i have problems i need to work out on my own. i need to go on this "ride" alone..... i never thought i'd have a lot of friends, and i thought that being athletic would be my ticket and it was. now i'll do anything for my friends..... i'm not good enough i dont know how to be a proper boyfriend..."

like seriously? talk about being SUPER DUPER dramatic. and apparently standing up for your friends makes you a bitch... well say hello to the worlds biggest one i guess. honestly valentines day can be so horrible at times.

but on a positive note i am in my schools' musical wooot! oddly enough i'm actually excited for this. i actually auditioned and got a part : ) i can sing, good to know. so this makes me a happy happy person. but the musical is about the 80s. i thought it'd be dumb, but its actually funny.

But i'll update or try to more tonight or later on. sooo ciao my lovely bloggers : )


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