Part of "The Dreamer"

9:30 PM

This is a part of The Dreamer, as in the book i'm writing.

I stood there, tears rolling down my face. Her body laid there, supported by a large pine tree, so still. Scratches, wounds, and brusing covered her body. You could see the blood puddle around her and start to disappear in the soggy grass and mix with the soil. The copper scent filled the air, while
the seirens filled the silent night. I listened to the paramedics mutter between themselves. Hope's arm protected me, as I watched them carry her lifeless body. Closing the body bag,they shook their heads, horrified at her condition. She was so young. This couldn't be happening. Why her? Of all people.

"She died, a blow to the head. However, the source is unknown. No signs of a car crash since the car is neatly pulled over up there and it's in perfect shape. So were assuming she pulled over to look at something maybe and someone attacked her. Or something, like an animal." The paramedic touched my shoulder softly, trying to console me. I shook away from her grasp, falling to the damp earth.

"It's okay. It'll be alright." I heard the angelic voice come from behind me. I turned around, watching as he walked towards me. I knew i looked like a deer in headlights, but he was gorgeous. Chance Danelly was definetly hot.

"Why are you here? I already told you to go. Get out of my life." I knew I sounded bitter, but I needed him to leave.

"Do you really want that?" he asked, gently pulling me up.


"Hope, I'll take care of her, you go home." Chance said, supporting my body on his side. Hope walked away, mouthing to text her. I nodded slowly. Chance pulled me aside to his car, carefully placing me in the passengers seat.

"My world is falling apart. My mom is somewhere out
there, letting me believe she died all along but she's over 150 years old and still running around. My step dad is evil, and kiddnapped my aunt. Some dark force wants to kill me. Haley, wants to kill me along with Mecca. Cassie is messed. My dad hasn't got a clue what's going on. And now my best friend is
dead. My sister, the one who knew me best is dead." I collasped my head between my knees, shaking violently from my sobs. I felt Chance's warm hand wrap around mine. I closed my eyes, smiling inside at this moment. But reality hit harder.

"And you, you broke my heart. And you just continue to do so
like it's no big deal. You made me believe I had a chance with you so many times, but no your off with Cassie. She's your "one love" "the one" right? While i stand there like a fool watching you two, cause i want that. I want to be the one you hold, kiss, and smile at when you see me. I want to be the one that invades you thoughts. I know I can't be, but I keep waiting to be. Hoping one day it'll be true, when we all know it will never be." I looked at him, watching his wild green eyes soften and fill with saddness. His perfect complection broke into an emotion I didn't quite understand.

"Jordan, wait you need to understand I-"

"No, I need to leave." I said stepping out of the car, into the frigid cold. The winter air whipped around me as if it were protecting me. I didn't wait for him to come out and talk. I did what i seemed to do best lately.


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