The Good & the Bad

9:20 PM

Agh, super sore from dance today. but even tho today was a slow day (studied for bio most of the time -hits head on wall then forks eyes out, yes this is really how bio makes me feel ) it ended on a good note. everything is normal, smooth going, and good : )

really not looking forward to exams next week.

bio, math, & social. terrific >:

i don't like bio, my teacher creeps me out, im talking bald crazy old lady who rants on and on about photosynthesis and has 4 guinnea pigs.
math is just blaah. i mean teacher is super funny, but i don't like math... i'm not good in it.
but social makes my life. we either watch movies (well i pass out in class) or we listen to the teacher make fun of mate or kris. so funny. and social is easy.

ooooh i forgot to mention that i had an epic fail today. i decided to walk my dog today, see if she's go for it. so were walking past the mailbox and my dog saw this little boy up ahead. see when my dog sees people, she tends to bark and chase them. i was texting and i didn't really pay attention, and i almost let go of my dogs leash. as i leapt forward to grasp it better i tripped on my own foot.... and well fell. and not even on ice -.- it was clear sidewalk. and the couple across the street. they witnessed it all. the guy was laughing really loud. should of thrown snow at him.... yeah def should of haha.

but not much else to add. night everyone : )


P.S. i will put in a part from my story "The Dreamer" after this post.

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