Oh How I Love Christmas

4:34 PM

Its true. It's such an amazing time of year, especially when you get to spend it with you best friend in the entire world. joana. see my family and her family are best friends too so we spend the majority of holidays together when we can. yesterday for christmas eve was at her house. OMG my mom drunk.... she is so mushy and lovey dovey its sickening. all the adult (well the female proportion) started to sing 'skimmer merinky dinky dink skimmer merinky doo, i love you' with hand gestures too. its was interesting. by the end of the night my dad couldn't walk straight. lol me and joana hid away from them watching one tree hill. who doesn't have a slight obsession with tht show? and if you don't you eith er have not watched it (march your butt to the nearest computer and start watching... wait your on a computer if your reading this, but you know what i mean) or b have a serious problem lol.

today i'm going back to joana's house for christmas dinner, i'm sure the parents will drink less today after hammering down so much last night.

AHH i got so much money like holy. my uncle gave me fifty, i got a hundred from my godparents, and then oodles of gift cards. i also got the typical makeup, clothes, books, and SEASON TWO OF CSI MIAMI. i fricken adore that show. i already started watching my dvds. : ) and i have never seen so much chocolate in all my life. i will take a picture of it and show you guys soon, but there is so much. its pree amazing.

but moving on from that. sooo yesterday everyone is texting "merry christmas" lalala and you know its nice to see how many people keep you in their thoughts. THEN him as in the one i like but can't tell cause he has a gf and that whole stupid situation. he needs a name. i'll just stick with THE BOY in caps. i know original i am. so anyways THE BOY was texting me last night and i was really only giving him one word answers cause i wasn't in the mood to talk to him. so he sends me this message, "so i never told you, but i really loved your card you made me. we used to be good friends eh? what happened?" firsy off yes i made him a card, why? cause he got me a gift and i felt bad so i said i forgot it at home.

damn i'll contiue later, gtg.

be back soon !

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  1. Don't we all! Its the best time of the year! Hope you are having a happy New Year! xoxox

  2. Awe thanks, i just saw your comment sorry about that. Hope your new years was fantastic : )