6:04 PM

Yes, yes it is! Ahh how i adore christmas. basically the best thing in the world. the joy the singing the having no school the present.... and jesus being born of course *cough cough* i know i know. "its important, and we often forget about the meaning of christmas, refering to the day jesus was born" yadadada got the lecture THOUSDANDS OF TIMES. but the meaning of christmas is also being joyful and thankful and loving and sharing too right? well to me it's right.

But yesterday we started decorating, cause my mom just spontaneously decided to pull out the boxes. usually we dont start till after the first week of dec. but nooo my mama decides "hey lets just whip out those boxes now. so she did and we started. we got the tree up last night, but we left the decorating it for today. haha so of course what is christmas without christmas songs? well my dad hears the music and started dancing, i actually peed myself. so should of taped it, but shoo my camera was downstairs. too lazy to get it : )

Then today today today, well we finally got our social project done. i e-mailed this guy hoping to get a response because but nooo he didn't sadly. oh wells. and off the note i got the creepiest bio teacher. im talking short old balding chubby lady with 4 guinnea pigs that she loves to call her "girls". she wore leather pants one day on top of it all. she also claims breast feeding is pleasureable. umm yeah student teacher and class= HIGHLY DISTURBED. but on the bio note my mark went up since our student teacher came. i wish he could teach us for the rest of the semester. he is yumm too which helps. blah it will be depressing when he leaves and i can kiss my mark good by. so switching to a diff teacher in grd. 12. need good grades and she is not helping.

oh yeah and today on the bus to northgate i'm sitting there lalala on my phone and this kid behind me opens his mouth to talk. i swear i was going to punch that kid. every second word was "yo" seriously. yeah so yo check it out yo, gots the keys to a tight pad. yo man these people are so rich. yo best part, they ain't even there, the son just gave me the keys yo so we can smoke up some joints yo. yo yo yo yo yo.

ALMOST SMACKED HIM. but you know expecting it to be some want to be gangster white kid but no i turn around and its an asian. i mean i love asians and their food : ) but this kid just discrased their race. tsk tsk little boy. but i got a new book : ) very content with this. however must be off to eat cause i have hip hop @ 7.

boo ya.



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