Lost and Found

11:57 PM

It has been brought to my attention that i haven't blogged in awhile, and thats true. so today i shall blog. its not that i don't like blogging, because i do, but everytime i come on the computer i get distracted. but i am sitting on the computer when really i should be in bed considering i have to wake up tomorrow at 7. : ( depression right there. but so far life is good.

except. one.little.thing.

this guy at work, john likes me, but i really really don't like him. i told him this already. and what does he say? so then you want to go to a movie. he asked 5 times this week already and always same answer. no. does he get it?


its pissing me off. but hopefully this will simmer down and if it doesn't i will smack that child until he does get it. no joke.

but off to bed



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