Spares make me Happy

10:50 AM

Sitting here in our school library during my spare. i decided i would look around for some other interesting blogs and follow them : ) well i did find two today but not much. i just had bio before this and up next is lunch then social blaaah our teacher is funny but still don't like social that much.

So in bio today we were discussing about DNA. i mean yes you usually learn about that in bio but uhh hellloooo we are doing ecology. as in the study of the enviro. she gets so off track. so it was an interesting class. jennas newest crush is in my class. he doesn't stop staring at me. i can feel it and when i turn around he gets all fidgity. he better not like me. no more drama especially no boy drama.

Calm. we had a sub. i have no words to descirbe this woman. we were supposed to be watching intervention and when you go on A & E's site you simply click the video you would like to watch then click play. but noooo she wouldn't do that. when you click the video you want the side bar fade so you can click play on the video player. she didn't get that. she just kept going back and clicking the video. the whole class was like "uhh you have to click play" and she said "you guys don't know what your doing see watch" SHE CLICKED THE AREA WHERE IT TELLS YOU HOW FAR IN THE VIDEO YOU ARE. that doesn't even click. ugh it was so dumb. so when there was 2 minutes left in class she finally got the clue and clicked the play button. she was so proud. and we wasted 45 minutes watching her sadly fail.

i'd like to add before i leave that there is a very cute boy infront of me on a computer. yummy. : ) but lunch is coming up. our schedual is wonked because we have a celebration for thankgiving.

Toodles dear readers.



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