Helloooo, I'm back ; )

9:51 PM

Geez it's only been forever! and halloween is approaching ever so fast. and guess what! i have no costume yet. -.- which really sucks. buut lets talk baout today, or even better my weekend. fun packed with excitment.

friday i had to work, which was fun. lol some people actually make my life. like this guy at my work, his name is teddy. no lie my friends. he's really nice tho. oh and we got a new headset thing to talk to customers. so my manager thinks she's got it down, and attempts to use it without even getting any instructions. see there's one button that allows you to give orders to workers, and one that allows you to take orders outside.so she click the first button to yell at an employee to tell him he's too slow and to hurry his ass up, but instead she's saying it to a customer. i actually peed myself. like no lie. i love my co workers. but on friday i worked till ten so i had like no life and was dead by the time i got home, which moves us to saturday.

saturday is dance day. well so is almost every other day. but i had jazz/lyrical first thing a 12 for two hours. our dance is amazing!! we're doing a lyrical dance to slow me down by emmy rossum. sooo amazing. we are going to own. after some serious workout i had two hours of ballet. which is like any other ballet class lol. but at night it was party time : ) joanas 16th birthday to be exact. its was so fun. it was a bunch of friends over at her house. alot of people. we were all in her basement dancing singing eating having fun. we went out side goofed off. in summary it was fun. then we watch texas chainsaw massacer. such a gross movie. TOMMY(the bad guy) ACTUALLY SHAVED SOME GUYS SKIN OFF AND MADE A MASK OUT OF IT FOR HIM TO WEAR nassstttyyyy. i screamed at one part, won't lie. by the time everyone left it was close to 1:30. then we watched the omen. first jenna & jen fell asleep, then me and joanna, then joana, and finally at 6 o'clock in the morning annette fell alseep, she's insane. but sunday was my lazy day because i felt sick and my face swelled.

for flipping 12 hours it was swollen.

i, my friends, was pissed.

but it's late and mom its acting insane for me to go to bed. night all

Bee xoxo

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