Its been awhile, please sit. Let's Talk.

4:31 PM

So i haven't updated in a wee bit. dance. dance. dance. usually is, but where should i start off? well lets go back as far as yesterday : )

Yesterday: Well the night before i finally found out what was wrong with me. i have an ear and throat infection. yick. the throat infection is so nasty im not even going to bother describing it to you. you might get sick just reading it. so now i take three pills. so yesterday moring i took my pills and went to school. never again will i take all three at the same time. i felt so buzzed and weird. like when i was walking it didn't feel like i was walking, it actually felt like i was watching myself walk. as weird as that sound. plus my world was all slanted. there at the other end of the hall was a guy standing there fixing his hair and ajusting the straps to his bag, and when i walked normally he looked crooked so i tilt my head and vola he was straight as an arrow. so it looked like i was a wee bit tipsy. suree the teachers loved it. plus when i walked i couldn't walk in a straight line. my legs wouldn't function with my brain, and half the time my brain just felt like a puddle sloshing around up in my head. so i didn't take three pills after that. i take one at one time and the other two at a different time. so bio was normal as normal can get. my teacher has guinea pigs. she calls them her girls. she's a bit different you can say. then was calm. we watched intervention. woooah that show is really different. i've actually never watched it. its sad how people life turned the worst and they just can't see it. this one lady had such an amazing life and the she started drinking and began to loose it all. but she didn't think she had a drinking problem. it was sad. and it makes you realize how much we take for granted and how much we can let ourselves down. hmm and social, we worked on our projects. and he was there looking as cute as ever. if only. if only. i swear if he asked me out i would flat out say yes and then when he is gone i would do the biggest happy dance ever. kinda weird how people can make you feel. i'm not used to it. i like to be in control of my feelings, but when i see him i let that control fly away. but i won't fall. that just leads to heart breaks. it usually does. so for now it's just seeign where it all leads. if nothing happens i'll be pkay. and i honestly mean that. but our social project about the French revolution is the bomb. i went to joana's house to work on it some more. we got most of it done but i had dance at 5 so i had to leave her with the last part. i felt kinda of bad. oo and did i forget to mention. you know all this time i thought joana "changed" cause people started saying she was changing. but she never did change. i see the joana i love when she's talking with her boyfriend. for once i can finally say i'm glad she's with someone who can make her happy and she can be herself around. some guys change you, but she never let him change her and im glad.

but this is pretty long so i will fill you in about my day today, later on.



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