The First Post

5:06 PM

The first post of my brand new blog. Kinda exciting in a sense. It's sunday sadly which means, yup tomorrow comes monday. i really don't mind mondays, but getting up early after such a great weekend just for school doesn't seem to make me excited. not in the least bit. so to fill you in the past week has been kinda of hectic. fights, drama, tears, breakups,makeups, boys... all that crap. yes i did get into a fight with my friend, and yes i do feel like we are pulling apart but friends need time away from eachother right? Not only that but i found this year i started getting closer with my other friends. and that's great. but i got into a fight with my best friend of ten years. we ended up working stuff out in the cost of her dropping another friend. but who knows with those two, they alway seem off and on : s. but what can you do. yesterday me and Jaay (we shall call her this) went to a surprise party for a friend and things seemed okay, but who knows what the future is like? well, will update later reader, but must be off.

Much love ,


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